Knowledge of the laws of perception of information will help you to make out the text on the site, so that they read more potential customers, some of which will become your customers.

These laws were discovered more than a hundred years ago. Since then, they have not changed and are unlikely to ever change at all. Two main laws:

  • We perceive the information as well as writing from left to right and top to bottom (with the exception - culture script from right to left)

  • First, we look at the pictures (illustrations), then read the text

Studies have shown that people read text in the following order:

  • First - headlines

  • Then - subtitles

  • Then - captions (if any)

  • At the very end - the text itself

Note that the main text of the customer will be read only on the condition that he does seem interesting. Therefore, the problem of other elements - pictures, headings and subheadings - to convince him that the text is read.

Photographs and other illustrations should be placed either on the text or left.

Advertising guru David Ogilvy ALL their print advertising layouts designed the same way: Illustration - the title - the text (for example - in the photo above). He knew the laws of perception and realize that with this design of advertising it can attract more customers than at any other.